Budapest Top 10

1. Royal Palace and Castle District: discover the old city by visiting the beautiful building of the castle

2. District 7's party places and nightlife: no holiday without a good party. Check out the ruin pubs and music clubs in the area

3. Thermal bath: chill and relax in the spa, and don’t forget to check in for a massage

4. Heroes’ Square and City Park: walk around this beautiful park and learn a little about the history

5. Margaret Island: escape from the city and enjoy the music fountain

6. Visit St. Stephen’s Basilica, the largest church in Budapest and go up to the top to enjoy the amazing view

7. Discover the architecture and streets of District 8 around Mikszath square and Raday Street

8. Go shopping in Kiraly street and have a nice lunch or a coffee at one of the charming restaurants

9. Treasure hunt at Ecseri flea market

10. Walk across the Chain Bridge the first bridge between Buda and Pest